Working from home is on the rise

Why is Working From Home so Popular?

With many people having to turn to alternative methods of funding such as payday loans and credit cards there may be another way in the form of a work from home job role.

Working from home is on the rise throughout the UK with many companies now offering the chance for people to work directly from the comfort of their own home. For many parents this is the perfect opportunity to generate an extra bit of income as well as maintaining a healthy work life balance. The days of maternity leave and low pay for months may well be a thing of the past thanks to a sharp increase in the number of jobs roles that are home based.

Many organisations understand the growing importance of keeping their employees happy, by offering staff the opportunity to work from home this will ensure that they are able to maintain a healthy work life balance. For many working Mum’s in particular this approach has proved hugely popular with figures on maternity leave reducing year by year with many Mother’s choosing to simply work from home as opposed to going on a lengthy maternity leave resulting in a lower salary.

The Benefits of working from home

  • Flexible working hours – choose when you want to take a break and what time you want to start and finish
  • Work life balance – For individuals with young children a healthy work life balance is essential
  • More relaxed environment – Working in the comfort of your own home
  • Additional income – Can prevent turning to other methods of finances such as payday loans or credit cards

working from home

Here are our top tips on working from home

Find a role you are passionate about

Find a job role that you enjoy and are passionate about, there are hundreds of companies looking to recruit people like you, from beauty, health and well-being companies such as Juice Plus and Forever Living to online customer service advisers.

Health and well-being companies give you the opportunity to become a distributor of their products, selling to your family, friends and neighbors can prove to be a highly lucrative additional source of income. Many online retailers offer at home customer service roles which involve replying to online customer queries either through social media or email.

What do you need?

Many companies will require you to own a laptop/computer in order to maintain frequent communication with your line manager. In some cases you will be required to attend Skype and conference calls in which you can share ideas/strategies with other members of your team.

For many people, working from home is the most suitable option when it comes to finding work, especially for individuals with young children. Working from home can bring in additional finances which can prevent families having to turn to other financial sources such as payday loans, credit cards or overdrafts. Home job roles continue to rise in popularity, a trend that has been noted by the Bank of England in recent figures released.

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