Scam Watch – Lucky Loans Fraudsters

It has been brought to our attention that there have been a number of fraudsters cold calling clients stating that they work for and offering loans in exchange for a small deposit that ranges from £150 – £400 in some cases.

These fraudsters will call you and tell you that they work for they will tell you that you are eligible for a loan of your choice and all that you need to do is cover the cost of their admin fees which will then be refunded back to you when your loan is transferred into your bank account, of course this is not the case and the fraudsters will simply run off with your money.

The fraudsters have a number of phone numbers that they will call you off, and although they are based in India, the number will still appear to be from a London based phone number. Many of their call centre operatives have an Indian accent.

Associated Phone Numbers: 





The fraudsters will also email you off what appears to be a email address, however on closer inspection it appears that they are using a email address.

Associated Email Addresses:

The fraudsters are using the same information as to make their business seem as legitimate as possible, even using our FCA License Numbers, Business Address and even creating fake letters with the logo on it to send to their unsuspecting victims via email.

Please note that will NEVER call you, email you or contact you asking for any form of payment as we are a free online service.

Please be aware and keep your personal information and payment information safe as we have been made aware of a number of people who have unknowingly provided the scammers with their personal information and have now been victims of financial fraud.


The Lucky Loans Team