Payday Loans – Take a look at our 2016 rates

Shopping around for payday loans can be quite a daunting task. In fact shopping around for anything to see how they compare with other products whether it’s an item of clothing, a car or even a savings account can be just as daunting!

Here at Lucky Loans we want to make the online payday loan application process as simple as possible, we understand that there are many different lenders that offer various packages and a huge range on payment terms and interest rates.

Customers are the main focus of our business, we don’t believe in making things difficult by charging high interest rates and difficult repayment terms. Our service is designed purely for those in need of additional finances, we understand that many individuals who borrow from us are already facing financial insecurity and we do not wish to add to those problems by charging unnecessary high interest rates.

We always recommend shopping around for the best possible quotes so we have done the hard work for you. Compare all the major lenders in our table below and see how Lucky Loans compares with other Lenders that are currently on the market. (Rates active as of March 2016)

How do our payday loans compare to other lenders?

Payday Loans Rates

Lender Maximum Loan Amount APR
Lucky Loans £2,000 728.9% APR
Sunny Loans £950 1295% APR
Quick Quid £1000 1270% APR
Wizz Cash £1000 1265% APR
Wonga £400 1509% APR


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