Shop Around For Payday Loans Online

Before applying for a payday loan it is essential that you research and search through as many lenders as possible to ensure that you find the best possible deal for yourself. You will be able to find the latest deals, reviews APR and interest rates for UK payday loans online as many lenders will advertise their services and terms and conditions on their website.

What makes payday loans a more popular choice than many loans available from some UK High street lenders is the fast and easy application process. With many UK payday lenders now only accepting online applications, it has never been easier for an individual to apply for one.

Not only has the application process for borrowing money been revolutionized by the internet but researching a lenders reputation and current interest rates is also available first hand. The FCA recently made it mandatory for all UK lenders to display their APR and Interest rates to potential customers online on their websites. This recent crackdown ensures that no individual is mislead by false information and interest rates as a method of enticing the customer to apply.

Things to look out for online

  • Reviews –  Nothing speaks the truth like an online review from other customers in the same situation as you. Listen to their feedback, recommendations and come to your own decision on what s best for yourself.
  • Comparison Sites – Since the FCA’s recent crackdown making it mandatory for all UK Lenders to display their interest rates , comparison sites are able to show the latest up to date figures which makes it easy for yourself to find the cheapest possible rates. Use comparison sites to shop through a number of lenders in just 1 place!
  • Secure Website – Entering financial information online comes with risks, ensure that the website you are using will properly secure your personal data. How do i know if a website is secure? You see right at the top of the page, the section where you type a websites address into… Yes that’s the one…. You will notice at the start of the Lucky Loans web address it says “https”, the “s” after the “http” indicates that the site is secure.

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