Coping With Money Related Health Issues

For many people money related stress illnesses are a very serious thing and can have a massive effect on your personal and family life. Over 1 in 5 people have been diagnosed with stress related health issues with money and finance problems identified as one of the main reasons. As the UK personal debt average is consistently on the rise the number of money related illnesses are rapidly increasing with it.

The UK’s national debt average is a staggering £54,261 per household which also includes mortgages. Compared to the UK’s national average salary of £26,500 many UK households find themselves falling further into debt. Over two thirds of UK consumers now admit having to to purchase everyday essentials on a credit card and other finance alternatives such as same day payday loans.

The knock on effect that personal debt has throughout the UK is substantial with many individuals already heavily in debt having to borrow additional finances just to keep up with living costs which results in that individual being pushed further into debt. For many people suffering health issues related to personal finances, debt management plans are a suitable and fitting option. Debt management companies are able to take a look at your total debt and agree a payment restructure deal with many of your debtors agreeing to cut the total amount of debt that you are in.

For many people, not having to deal with monthly bills alone can help with stress levels and also gives you the reassurance that you can get your finances back in check. It’s estimated that 45% of people have or have previously worried about money or outstanding personal debt. Identifying that you are suffering from stress related health issues allows you to get advice and speak to someone who may be able to advise you on the best possible approach to take.

Take a look at our stress diagnosis chart to help you spot the signs of stress at a very early stage.

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