Planning a Holiday on a Budget

Booking a holiday has never been easier, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an all inclusive break for you and the family, there are hundreds of websites that offer a huge variety of destinations and packages. Travel booking websites are experts at selling their holiday packages to us, just a few pictures of a white sandy beach with a blue sea and we are completely sold.

Almost two thirds of Brits now choose to book a holiday through online websites as a result of the online price war between many holiday discount sites such as and which sees holiday prices continue to fall. The increase of online holiday websites over the last year has seen the major holiday companies such as Thomas cook and First Choice drop their prices in a bid to compete with the low discounted prices that are now on offer.

It is estimated that 6 out of 10 families have turned to payday loans and other sources of finance such as credit cards in order to pay for a holiday abroad. It comes as no surprise as to why discount holiday sites have grown in popularity over the last few years making holidays for many British families more affordable.

Holiday planning on a budget - how to save - lucky loans

Here are our top tips to help you plan a holiday on a tight budget

Comparison Websites

Comparison sites will save you a lot of time when it comes to searching for a specific destination, visit sites such as who will do the hard work for you and compare all prices and packages to your desired destination.

Many different travel companies will offer holiday packages to the same popular destinations, look through as many companies as possible that are offering your desired destination. Make a note of the dates available, prices on those dates and whats included within the package that they are offering.

Book out of Season

For those families with children still at school this may not be possible, however it is no secret that all travel agents, airline companies and hotels will increase their prices during the school holidays, Why? Because they know that this is the most popular time for British families to travel.

For families or couples with no young children, booking outside of the holiday season is highly recommended with savings of up to 75%. Flight costs will be cheaper, hotels will be less in demand resulting in a huge saving compared to booking the exact same holiday during the holiday season.

Keep an eye out for flash sales

Social media is great way to find out about any sales or offers before anyone else. Recently Ryanair and EasyJet took the step of announcing flash sales which included flights from as little as £1 (yes £1… Really) through their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Get onto social media, follow all of the major airlines and travel agents and just keep an eye out for any announcements, status updates or Tweets.

But be quick as there will be many more tech savvy Brits on social media looking for a similar deal!

Look a little closer to home

A holiday doesn’t need to be half way round the other side of the world, there are great places to visit on your doorstep. St.Ives, Cornwall continues to be one of the most popular UK Holiday destinations. Famed for it’s white European style beaches and warmer climate, ST.Ives offers everything that a European beach holiday does for half of the price.

By following our 4 step plan you will instantly see a saving when it comes to booking your next holiday. With over half over UK Families using payday loans as a source of financing a holiday abroad, the savings made can be spent elsewhere such as paying off the alternative methods of finance used in order to pay for a holiday in the past.


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