Scam Watch – Lucky Loans Fraudsters

It has been brought to our attention that there have been a number of fraudsters cold calling clients stating that they work for and offering loans in exchange for a small deposit that ranges from £150 – £400 in some cases.

These fraudsters will call you and tell you that they work for they will tell you that you are eligible for a loan of your choice and all that you need to do is cover the cost of their admin fees which will then be refunded back to you when your loan is transferred into your bank account, of course this is not the case and the fraudsters will simply run off with your money.

The fraudsters have a number of phone numbers that they will call you off, and although they are based in India, the number will still appear to be from a London based phone number. Many of their call centre operatives have an Indian accent.

Associated Phone Numbers: 





The fraudsters will also email you off what appears to be a email address, however on closer inspection it appears that they are using a email address.

Associated Email Addresses:

The fraudsters are using the same information as to make their business seem as legitimate as possible, even using our FCA License Numbers, Business Address and even creating fake letters with the logo on it to send to their unsuspecting victims via email.

Please note that will NEVER call you, email you or contact you asking for any form of payment as we are a free online service.

Please be aware and keep your personal information and payment information safe as we have been made aware of a number of people who have unknowingly provided the scammers with their personal information and have now been victims of financial fraud.


The Lucky Loans Team

Third Time Lucky – 3 Month Flexi loans

Short Term Payday Loans Over 3 Months

Lucky Loans now offer 3 month payday loans designed to help ease your personal cash flow and make the loan repayment process as simple and stress free as possible. Our new finance option will enable borrowers to pay their loans back in full with 3 easy repayments spread over 3 months. We understand that sometimes no matter how hard you try to save money, there just seems to be too much month after your payday which is why our new 3 month flexi payday loans may be an ideal solution.

Payday loans have always been a fast and short term solution to individuals suffering small financial issues. Originally many payday lenders only offered borrowing terms of a few weeks, or in most cases, up to your next payday. The borrowed amount was usually automatically deducted from your account by the lender on the agreed repayment date.

Many people struggle to pay back their payday loans in just 1 transaction which can result in a late payment fee and a higher interest rate which can potentially have a negative affect on your credit history. Our new 3 month flexi loans are designed to ease the repayment process by allowing borrowers to repay the full amount in 3 equal payments over the course of 3 months.

How it Works

Short term payday loans from lucky loans

Our 3 month payday loans will work exactly the same, you will choose the amount that you wish to borrow using our home page sliders and will also choose the length of time in which you wish to borrow for. Our maximum borrowing period is set at 90 days (3 months) Once you have chosen your amount and the length of time that you wish to borrow for click the apply button.

Apply for a payday loan with

Step 2 marks the start of your application form, you will be required to fill out a quick 5 minute form that will give us information regarding your name, address, employment history and homeowner status. We will also ask for the bank account details of the account you would like the funds to be transferred to. We will never take a payment or charge a fee for you to use our service.

Short term payday loans


Once you have completed your application form we will then give you an instant decision. If you do not meet our criteria you will be informed that you have been declined for a loan. However if accepted you will be redirected to your loan agreement page which gives you the chance to check the details of your loan. Here you can check information such as the amount that is being borrowed, interest rates, total amount repayable, and repayment dates. You can usually choose which dates you wish to make your 3 monthly payments on.


You can still accept or decline the loan offer at this point short term payday loans

Once you have accepted your loan offer the cash will be transferred to you within 15 minutes. We specialize in fast cash transfers and understand the importance of providing a fast service. Once you have received your payday loan you will be free to use the cash however you wish. The 3 monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your account on the agreed dates, you won’t have to do anything apart from ensuring that you have the funds in your account on the specific dates.


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Is There Really A More Suitable Alternative To Payday Loans

Payday loans have had their fair share of bad press and negative publicity over recent years, from high interest rates to their unrealistic repayment terms , but are they really as bad as they are made out to be. There’s no secret about it, many payday loan lenders have taken advantage of financially vulnerable individuals which has lead to a number of high profile court cases and record breaking fines for a number of leading lenders such as Wonga.

In arguably the biggest high profile court case for the lending industry, the UK’s leading lender, Wonga; was forced to write off over £220 million to more than 330,000 customers. The record fine came on the back of Wonga admitting to manipulating affordability checks, in every day terms, accepting as many people as possible even if they can not afford to make repayments.

Since then the payday loans industry has been subject to a number of government investigations and have undergone a huge reform under regulation from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Short term lending has been changed forever under the new responsible lending policy reforms with many changes being introduced with immediate effect:

Interest Rates Caps

A new 0.8% daily interest rate cap was imposed by the FCA in a bid to prevent snowballing costs associated with taking out a payday loan. The new cap ensures that all UK lenders will need to abide by the new interest rates or face action from regulatory action from the FCA. The introduction of the new 0.8% rate has ensured that payday loans are more affordable than ever, a move that the FCA has credited with ensuring the growth and future of the short term lending industry

Loan Eligibility Checks

Payday loans eligibility checks were introduced by many lenders to ensure that customers were only accepted should they meet certain criteria. The new criteria checks ensure that individuals will not be thrown further into financial insecurity by failing to make payday loan repayments. Checks on employment history, homeowner status and monthly income are all taken into consideration when applying for a payday loans. The most common eligibility checks are listed below:

  • Credit History (Some Lenders including Lucky Loans will not carry out a credit history check)
  • Emplyment Status
  • Homeowner Status
  • Number of Dependants
  • Monthly Income
  • Total Monthly Outgoings
  • Other Loans Outstanding
  • Date of Birth (Minimum age of 18)

Flexible Loan Terms

Payday loans used to be an alternative finance option until your next paycheck with the borrowed amount automatically deducted in full from your account on your next pay date. Many lenders now offer flexible loan terms with the option for many customers to make loan repayments over 3 months in order to make the borrowing process as affordable as possible. This latest product offering has seen a new wave of personal loan lenders now breaking into the growing payday market with longer lending terms added into their product offerings.

The truth is payday loans are now more affordable than ever as a result of the new responsible lending guidelines and interest rate caps. The new repayment terms have revolutionized the way many people view short term lending with very flexible lending options.

Payday loans from Lucky offer short term borrowing solutions with flexible repayment terms on offer to many applicants. In comparison to many leading high street banks, Lucky Loans offer a 15 minute cash transfer option for successful applicants as opposed to the 5 day turnaround that bank bank or building society offer.


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Lucky Loans Responsible Lending Policy

Lucky Loans Responsible Lending & Borrowing Policy

If ever you need to apply for payday loans from Lucky there are a number of eligibility checks we will carry out to ensure that a payday loan is the right option for you. Many people applying for a loan don’t have access to additional savings or funds and instead turn to short term loan providers such as as a means to access additional finances.

Here at Lucky we are passionate about responsible lending and ensuring that we can provide as much financial assistance to people as possible. No matter how much we want to provide struggling individuals with additional funds, sometimes it is just not possible and can actually make an individuals situation worse. There are a number of policies that we feel very strongly about, policies that help us to maintain our honest and trustworthy reputation which is why we continue to grow as a leading online loans service. We as a company have our own philosophy “Lend For Less” which is applicable in every service we offer.

Lucky Loans responsible lending policy

Lowest Possible APR and Interest Rates

We are a transparent company, we will always show you your loan terms and conditions before you accept your loan offer. We believe in giving you the lowest possible APR and Interest rates as we understand that many individuals that use our service may already be experiencing financial difficulties.

Our Payday Loans Eligibility Checker

When you apply for a payday loan with lucky loans we will carry out a number of eligibility checks to ensure that you can afford to take out an additional source of finance. We will never do a credit check, however we will take a look at other outstanding loans and monthly outgoings that you may have in order to determine how easily you can make any repayments.

Alternative Finance Options

If we feel that a payday loan is not the best option for you we will always try and give you alternative advice. If we feel that a payday loan is not necessarily the answer to your current financial woes we will always try and refer you on to one of our finance experts who can give you some alternative borrowing options. We believe in making the borrowing process as transparent and easy as possible. We will always disclose the full costs associated when applying with Lucky Loans.

We will never charge you a fee for using our service, we never have and never will. Our Online service is completely free of charge to use and can even be used to give you a general idea of the costs involved with taking out an additional source of finance. Even if you accept one of our loan offers we will still never charge you any additional fees.

Our Philosophy 

We will not make you current financial situation worse by offering you a payday loan if you can not afford one. If we feel that you may struggle to make regular payments with ease we will not offer any additional finances as this can lead to additional finance problems for an individual.

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Changes to Work based Pensions

Changes to UK Work Based Pensions

In a recent move by the Government in an attempt to enhance and prolong the standard of life among working class families It is now mandatory for all UK limited companies to offer their employees a pension plan. The introduction of the new pension plans is expected to pile more misery and strain on UK business owners to abide by the new processes that make it mandatory to offer some sort of private pension plan to employees.

The move has been criticized by many UK limited companies due to the added financial pressure this heaps on already struggling businesses.

The basic state pension

The basic UK state pension is a regular weekly/monthly payment from the government once you qualify for a state pension. Under the pensions act 2011, the state pension age is currently set at 65 years of age for both men and women.

State pensions were introduced by the government to help keep senior UK citizens financially secure by offering a regular source of income once the individual had retired from all forms of work and was no longer receiving a regular income. The state pension helps to fund individuals with a low disposable income who were unable to actively pay into a private or work based pension throughout their working live.

With the current maximum weekly amount set at £119.30 the government have set about introducing a total reform in order to enable many more individuals to actively contribute to a private company pension with an added tax relief.

How Work based Pensions Work

A work based pension is a method of preparing and actively saving for your retirement that is arranged by your employer. Your employer will usually provide an equal contribution that will be automatically deducted from your payday check and placed into your pension pot. The contribution will usually amount to 25% of your weekly or monthly paycheck.

With the new pension scheme that has been rolled out throughout the UK all companies will have to automatically enroll their employees to take part and contribute in the scheme unless the employee chooses to opt out of the pension plan.

Based on which pension plan is currently on offer, new laws indicate that any individual over the age of 55 will have access to their savings as opposed to the minimum age of 65 that is currently in place for all state pensions. Employees will still be eligible for a state pension when they reach the minimum required age on top of their private work based pension, a move that has been widely praised by many leading pension firms.

How Work Based Pensions Will Affect Your Business

Many small business owners already face uncertain financial difficulties and have been quick to widely condemn the latest move put in place by the state. Many businesses will now face a mandatory contribution to any employees that wish to utilize the work based pension scheme unless that individual opts out.

With the average UK Salary £27,000 many working class families have stated that they do not have the disposable income to contribute into the new pension plans resulting in a larger number than first predicted to opt out of the imposed pension scheme. Research has shown that many families still need to turn to alternative methods of finance such as payday loans and credit cards in order to keep on top of monthly bills, a figure that has been backed up by the recent numbers that are currently choosing to opt out of the new schemes.

Lucky payday loans are still a hugely popular choice with many working class families and retired couples even since the new pension reforms have been announced. Only time will tell if the work based pension scheme can really become a success story




Payday Loans Eligibility Checker

Many lenders offering payday loans have to follow the same eligibility checks that were previously introduced by the FCA in early 2015. Due to the very strictly regulated payday loan industry, all potential lenders have to carry out a number of eligibility check on any applicant to ensure that the individual can repay any borrowed finance without getting into any financial difficulty in doing so.

Eligibility checks take into consideration a number of things from age, employment history, salary and even monthly bills. Although most of the questions that various lenders need to ask are not decisive there are a few that are and can potentially prevent you from being accepted for any sort of finance. (listed below)

Are you a UK resident and over the age of 18?

Any individual applying for any sort of finance is required to be a Full UK resident with a UK address. These checks will enable banks and many lenders to ensure that you are not using someone else’s bank account information and can help protect individuals from potential fraudulent activities. Applicants are required to be over the age of 18 which is the legal minimum age requirement in the UK for an individual to apply for any form of finance.

Do you receive a regular income?

All applicants will need to be receiving a regular form of income in order to repay any borrowed funds without the potential of falling into financial difficulty whilst trying to do so. As well as protecting the Lender this eligibility check was also enforced to protect the individual to ensure that they could not take out finance if they were unable to repay the full amount plus interest which can potential damage an individuals credit score.

Many lenders offer same day payday loans so take your time and review your various options before committing to borrowing any form of finance.

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