Working from home is on the rise

6th April 2016

Why is Working From Home so Popular? With many people having to turn to alternative methods of funding such as payday loans and credit cards there may be another way in the form of a work from home job role. Working from home is on the rise throughout the UK with many companies now offering […]

The UK’s most common uses for Payday Loans

21st March 2016

The UK’s lending industry is one of the biggest in the world, with the payday loans sector accounting for nearly one third of the total borrowing amount in Britain alone. Payday loans are more popular than ever with a number of lenders competing against one another to offer the most attractive interest rates and payment plans […]

The Debt map of Britain

15th March 2016

Do you live in one of the UK’s most indebted areas? Recent figures released by the Money Advice Service has pinpointed the most indebted areas throughout the UK. 1 in 6 adults or simply translated to over 8 million UK adults struggle to keep on top of their borrowing and monthly bills. Those most likely […]

Managing your personal cash flow

10th March 2016

Cash flow is a term that most people relate to business. Businesses rely on cash flow in order to pay overheads such as wages, new stock purchases, advertising fees and any other monthly bills such as rent and rates. Imagine yourself as a business, in the sense that you have a number of overheads to […]